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A long time ago we were once a small UK based company focused on creating audio software for the BeOS and before that the Amiga. We made tools for generating and creatively manipulating audio samples into new sounds that you just can't get elsewhere.
Unfortunately things change and it was no longer possible to work on these programs. Not all is lost however as all the programs were later released as open source. All can now be found here and we have changed to a single BSD style license - i.e. you can do whatever you want with the source.


BeOS Software
How about adding some oomph to your samples, that extra touch to make the sounds you use to create your sound sound that little bit different so it stands out from the crowd. Interested?
Aural illusion v4.0

Aural illusion FAQ

Aural illusion v4.0 is an incomplete sample editor which features over 200 Effects most of which can be user controlled. All for just $00.00 (US$).

More screen shots

Download Aural illusion v4.0 bin 230K
  Download Aural illusion v4.0 Source 230K
Amiga Software
These programs have not been in development for a while now and both programs have now being relased as freely distributable along with 4 discs worth of patches (additional sounds) for Aural Synthetica. 
Future Music Feb 99 edition has both Aural illusion v2 and Aural Synthetica on the CD.
Aural illusion v2.0 Edit, Create and Mutate your samples with numerous Effects/Manipulations and a built in Synthesizer.
  Download Aural illusion v2.06 136K
  Download Aural illusion v2.0 020 54K
  (For Amiga Emulators) no docs.


Aural Synthetica v1.1 Create just about any sound you can imagine (and many more you can't) with this ultra powerful modular synthesizer.
  Download Aural Synthetica v1.1 322K
  Download Aural Synthetica Patches 482K


Aural illusion v3.0 ? Yes, another version was in developmet for the Amiga for a long time but was abandoned in (oddly enough) much the same state as Ai4.0 for BeOS - i.e. it was nearly done. Here for the first time ever is the source code to Ai 3.0.
  Download Aural illusion v3.0 source 93K
But does it run... Dug out from the archives is also now a binary of Ai3, it should load and save raw 16bit files but there is no playback. I don't have an Amiga so I couldn't test this but it should work.
  Download Aural illusion v3.0 123K
System Requirements : Any Amiga with Workbench 2.04 or greater and 1MB RAM (2MB for Aural Synthetica). You can also use these programs under emulation (Amiga Forever, UAE etc.) but please see this note first.
Synthesis Yes, the Source code to Aural Synthetica has now been released with the name Synthesis under a BSD style license. Anyone wanting to re-write, port or just have a look can now download the source from this page.
While our Amiga developments are now over we'd like to thank all those who purchased Aural illusion and/or Aural Synthetica and supported our development efforts.


This page has been accessed quite a few times since 3rd March 1999.
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