By Nicholas Blachford - These are the biggest articles I've written for the site.

Fedora Core 6 + SDK 2.1 install guide for PlayStation 3 - mirror (pdf)
Starting With The SDK: A Quick Guide (To Avoiding Hair loss) - mirror (pdf)
Is PS3 Programming Really More Difficult?
Analysis: Should Sony open the RSX?


Cell technology: the punch behind PS3 - Edited version of Article originally published in Digital Home Magazine
Cell Architecture Explained (Version 2)
Programming The Cell Processor
Directed Rendering [PDF] - Proposal for accelerating raytracing on Cell


The Big Crunch : The Downside Of Multicore
If Switching, Timing Is Everything
Inside the PhysX Physics Processor

The Future of Computing

Part 1: The Technology industry catches up with the rest of the world
Part 2: The Hard Road ahead
Part 3: Death of the PC
Part 4: The Next Dimension
Part 5: Evolution and the Bump
Part 6: Replacements
Part 7: Conscious Machines?

Building The Next Generation

Part 1: Hardware
Part 2: The OS
Part 3: Security and Files
Part 4: Usability

Cell "analysis" a mixed bag; Rebuttals Available
Cell Architecture Explained (Version 1)
The hidden currents powering Intel's next gen chips (The Inquirer) - Incorrect speculation in the short term but Intel's own docs indicate they are following this path.

G6: More POWER on the way?
Freescale gets back in the game
Apple Expo France 2004 Show Report
Opinion: Microsoft's new business plan
Spending a Year with Mac
BeGeistert 012 Review & Comment
Introduction to MorphOS

Television and Computer Convergence: Not when but if
LinuxTag Show Report with Pictures
Analysis: x86 Vs PPC
BeGeistert 010 Round Up and Pictures
NewOS to be Ported on Pegasos
CES Impressions by Nicholas Blachford

Interview: Nicholas Blachford, Eclipsis Project Manager, on MorphOS
MorphOS in Detail
Amiga: The A-Expo Review
If Macs Get Real POWER, Who Needs a Hammer?
Macs to Get Real POWER?
BeGeistert 008 Review
Will computers Kill the Geeks?
A Titanic Story - The History of the Itanium


The Inquirer