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31/07/05: Is AmigaWorld.net Evil?
AmigaWorld.net gets a lot of flack. It’s described as being like a concentration camp for idiots.

The attacks, to put it mildly, overstate things by a great deal. If you actually read AW they do not hide the truth, the AmigaOne’s problems are recognised and discussed, they just don’t plaster it all over the front page. They really do not appear to like people from the outside trying to “educate” them, then again nobody likes being preached to.

I read and post on AW and as I see it, while the moderation policy is stricter than I would like, it has a clear aim and purpose, it’s aim is to create a more cordial environment for those who frequent the site.

I think the thing the site’s detractors hate the most is the fact this policy is proving so successful. It’s successful in attracting users and it’s now creating a community spirit much like the old one.

If the aim of the attacks is to push users in the direction of MorphOS / Pegasos it’s not working, if anything it is having the precise opposite effect. The overblown attacks and insults seem to be having the effect of driving the OS4 community together and away from other sites, indeed the flame wars on the other sites supposedly drove many to AW in the first place.

What sort of site is a user likely to go to?
A) A site with a friendly community
B) A site of never ending flamewars or ranting elitists.

People should not be knocking AW, they should be trying to emulate it.

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