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25/07/05: Slashdot joins CIA to teach Geography
Maybe I’m just a sad git but personally I find Webstats are fascinating.

The first Cell article was read a lot of times by people all over the world. It started on OSNews then hit major geek site Slashdot, after this it worked it’s way around the web . I was able to follow this by reading the web logs processed by Webalizer. Interestingly as the links worked it’s way around the web it also worked it’s way around the world.

Eventually after 6 months on line I counted 153 countries (163 domains). I thought I could do something useful with this information so I decided to find out where all these countries were. I dug out my big world map and started looking.

Most of the countries are fairly easy to find, but not all. Some need a bit of searching. Others however are exceedingly difficult to find and takes ages of pouring over the map. You really would not believe how many obscure Pacific islands have their own domains.

Some however are pretty much impossible to find and for those I turn to, of all people, the CIA. The CIA happen to have a very good resource if you happen to be interested in finding out facts about different countries. Oddly enough it’s called the World Factbook. It’s updated regularly, tells you where these obscure countries are and best of all you can download the entire thing for free.

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