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15/07/05: Thoughts on the London Bombs.
Firstly, my condolences to those those affected by this horror. There is no justification in indiscriminate murder.


Religion has been twisted by many evil men many times throughout the centuries. Do these people really think killing innocent people in cold blood will get them a first class ticket to paradise? Apparently so.

Both Islam and Christianity are tolerant religions yet unspeakable deeds have been done and are being done in their name.

I think that the more “pure” you become, the more you move away from tolerance, and thus the very guy you worship. It follows then that if you become ultra-pure you are far removed from God (note: Allah is the Arabic word for God). These people may think they are doing God’s work, but their actions are evil. They may be looking at the guy above, but they’re working for the guy below.


I am not exactly what I would call a religious person but I do believe in God. This may sound odd coming from someone who professes an interest in science but I have never taken a literal view of the Bible so there is no problem. To me there is no debate as creation is evolution.

If you’ve ever debated on the internet you’ll know just how easy it is to offend or to be offended by other people. You may think it is easy to express yourself in words but getting an exact meaning in a written message is remarkably difficult, you automatically assume the readers make the assumptions you do, invariably they don’t and take a different meaning from the message. This often leads to heated arguments despite there being no real cause. If the meaning of words is different to different to different people at the same time, how can people possibly interpret them correctly hundreds or even thousands of years later?

Unfortunately the medium which confuses so easily is the very same medium used for religious instruction. The pure take a very literal view, they try to take an exact meaning from something when they cannot possibly know the assumptions behind it. How can they do God’s work if the message is almost certainly unclear?

Evil doesn’t need it’s own religion, people won’t generally knowingly do evil for it’s own sake. Getting them to do evil while they think they are doing good is a lot more effective.
2006-10-08 13:45:53 GMT