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Realtime Raytracing in games?
Ray tracing is an amazingly compute intensive operation. Producing a high quality image can take hours even on well specced machines.

It can be done in real time but only at very low resolutions, not nearly good enough for games.

I was thinking up the second version of the PS4 proposal when I thought up a way of accelerating raytracing in software. I've now written the basis of this down in a (long) document and posted it, it is called Directed Rendering.

It is a technique which should make ray traversal a lot more Cell friendly.
It works by breaking up the problem into low resolution and high resolution phases and organising the processing and assigning it to SPEs. This removes the randomness from the problem making the data required for high resolution phase and texturing predictable and thus easier to fetch. This should be very Cell friendly.

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2007-02-02 00:02:18 GMT
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Very cool stuff, there were some experiments with this done I guess. IMO it's highly probable that this industry will go that way. Graphic hardware won't disappear though - it is just going to take many different roles (look at the recently released new nvidia chip and card - they are releasing an api for programming the chip to do other calculations).
2008-06-18 06:57:05 GMT