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23/11/05: The Big 400
My article on the Cell processor, “ Cell Architecture Explained ” has now been read an unbelievable four hundred thousand times from one hundred and fifty five countries. That’s a lot of people in a lot of countries.

I figured it’s be a popular article due to the subject matter, I never even dreamed it’d be this big!

It’s been read by all the major CPU companies:
AMD, IBM, STI, Sony (various), Sun, Transmeta, Cray, Nidia, MCST (Elbrus 2K), Freescale, TI and ARM.
A link in a discussion following one of CEO Paul Otellini’s blogs brought a load of visitors from Intel.

Other tech companies having a look include Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson, Oracle, Rambus, HP and Dell.

Lucasfilm, Amazon, Kodak, USPTO, Ford, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens, Northropgrummon, NASA, The BBC, Queens University of Belfast, a Physics dept in Oxford University and the Russian government also had a look.

It’s been linked to by goodness knows how many university computer science departments ...I wonder do they know I don’t have a degree?

The most bizarre visitor to date was from (I kid you not) playboy.com!

Oddly enough, all I wanted to do is explain it.
A news article featuring the Cell was featured on Slashdot in late 2004, reading the comments it was clear not many knew what it was. I wrote the article because I am interested in microprocessors and knew I could (re)read the patent and correct the misconceptions.

My enthusiastic tone in the first version happened because when I was reading the patent it became clear that it was going to be powerful, much more so than anything on the market today.

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2006-10-08 14:15:10 GMT
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you got that right. its huge :)
--Asif Baloch
2007-04-04 23:09:34 GMT