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23/08/05: I Got It Wrong... or did I?
Last week I wrote a piece for The Inquirer speculating on Intel’s new generation of x86 processor. I thought it would be a radical overhaul with the aim of reducing power consumption using Transmeta style “code morphing” coupled to an all new VLIW engine.

The actual new processors are nowhere near as radical as I thought they’d be. While they are a new design and they are indeed focused on reducing power, their aim is to reduce “average” power rather than absolute power. As a result the average power consumption has plummeted to single figures but the “thermal design power” or TDP remains at 20+ Watts.

To produce a processor with 8 or 16 cores they will need to work on reducing absolute power and do so very aggressively. Intel and AMD will both be looking closely at this, I expect the result will be something like I predicted.

I am standing by my prediction. I just got the date wrong.

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2006-10-08 14:12:52 GMT